Monday, May 16, 2016

Verona, Italy

So, on our drive from Milan to Venice we decided to stop in this (supposed) little town, Verona. On the web, it looks like a really cute little village. Known for being the home to Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and two other plays. This is no small town. This place to so packed with people to see a fictional balcony of one Juliet Capulet. It is too insane to explain. Don't get me wrong it is very cute, but kind of strange how many people want to see a balcony and tomb for people that don't really exist.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Milan, Italy

Arrived !!!
Oh what a long over night flight when you can't sleep. Emirates is a nice airline, much more space. The are very stricked with their rules. Your carry on can't weigh more than 7 km. Good thing they didn't weigh my backpack. My Mom had to check hers in.

Milan isn't anything like I expected. Took the subway late last night to see the Duomo. That square is what I expected all of Milan to be.

Our first meal in Italy was a little place that our hotel suggested, Pane E Tulipani. Just a block or so down the street. My god, it was fabulous and cheap. I had lasagna and it was 8 euros.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


I come to NYC every year in May for the Met. The weather is always beautiful, the flowers are always blooming. This year I only got one of those. It has been rainy and gloomy the entire time. It makes sight seeing and picture taking a real bummer.

Wow is the fashion at the Met Gala different every year, but always amazing. This years event was "Manus x Machina". It brought a wide variety of interpretation. Personally I liked all of the metallic/metal dresses.

I will add photos later (I'm on iPad), no pics

Washington D.C. - 2

Can I suggest the best way to see all of the sites in D.C. is one of the hop-on hop-off tours. We took the Old Town Trolley. Crowds were smaller, the tour guides were informative. I believe they all stop at the same places. We never waiting more than 15 minutes to get picked up at any stop.

First stop was The Thomas Jefferson Memorial. This is my favorite monument, others in my party, not so much. It is beautiful from across the Patomic, actually from any side. It is also cool to know he, the statue looks straight to the White House to keep an idea on everything.

Now we are off the Lincoln Memorial and all things around. My Mom was on awe of the big guy sitting there watching over everybody, she said 'it was awesome'.  It is probably the most meaningful monument to most Americans. It is overwhelming in size and detail, and the man is so impressive. It is very strange to see they thing your whole life on tv, our currency, but to see it in real life, way cool.

Near the Lincoln Memorial there are so many things to see. Looking out from LM you get the best view over the entire Mall. It is just stunning. Looking out from LM, to the left is the Vietnam Wall, the Three Soldiers Statue and The Women's Vietnam Memorial. All three of these memorials are a must see. The statutes are so life like, they are just amazing. On the right of LM is the Korean War Veterans Memorial.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Washington D.C.

The funny thing about travel is, so much is out of your control. It is good to be flexible and patient. We left for the airport, got there in no time. We were TSA pre checked. We flew through security (a rarity). We got snacks and things to occupy our time on the flight, sat down at our gate. Sitting there chatting, the plane is deboarding, we are all getting a bit excited to start this adventure. Announcement !!! "So sorry, but flight 52 to D.C. is being delayed by at least an hour due to weather at the other end." The wind came right out of our sails. Excitement, gone.

Long story short, we arrived safe and sound just an hour late. No lost luggage, no turbulence, everything was perfect with the exception of one hiccup.