Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Washington D.C.

The funny thing about travel is, so much is out of your control. It is good to be flexible and patient. We left for the airport, got there in no time. We were TSA pre checked. We flew through security (a rarity). We got snacks and things to occupy our time on the flight, sat down at our gate. Sitting there chatting, the plane is deboarding, we are all getting a bit excited to start this adventure. Announcement !!! "So sorry, but flight 52 to D.C. is being delayed by at least an hour due to weather at the other end." The wind came right out of our sails. Excitement, gone.

Long story short, we arrived safe and sound just an hour late. No lost luggage, no turbulence, everything was perfect with the exception of one hiccup.

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