Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Vow World Premiere

Valentine's Day must be right around the corner with another 'chick-flick' on the horizon, "The Vow". I don't know if Rachel McAdams kind fine the same kind of love as she did in "The Notebook." Don't get me wrong, I love a good romance movie. There just doesn't seem to be many 'good' ones. I believe "The Notebook" was special, it was believable and the kind of love that one can dream about.

Now, there is Channing Tatum....a nice looking young man, but his choices in movies are all over the place. First he is a dancer, "Step Up" then "GI Joe", back to chick flick, "Dear John" back to macho, "The Eagle" & "GI Joe" and somewhere in there he wraps up all three categories by playing a male stripper in the up coming "Magic Mike". All I can say as lets all hope for the best.

To see the entire premiere:

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